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Wholesale #60 super flat track weft

Wholesale #60 super flat track weft
Wholesale #60 super flat track weft
Wholesale #60 super flat track weft
Wholesale #60 super flat track weft
Wholesale #60 super flat track weft
Full Cuticle Hair Can Last 1-2 Years,No shedding,Tangle Free.
Ombre color ,Piano Color,Mix Color ,Balayage color and so on .
10-26 Inch ,Large Stock For 18 20 22 Inch
100 Grams,113 Grams ,120 Grams and so on
If our hair occur the quality problem ,accpet the refund or replace new one .
Needless to say, silk flat wefts give wearers an array of advantages. The hair is beautiful and offers a natural look. Further, silk weft hair extensions are the latest items nowadays. They are super lightweight and appear like your natural locks. You also style your hair as you want to get a fashionable appearance. As a whole, silk flat weft extensions give wearers more hair boost up your confidence.

Wholesale #60 super flat track weft 

The flat weft hair extensions are a new and thinner form of hair wefts. It is flexible and double-stitched to avoid hair shedding. The extension is about a weft sealed by a thin piece of silk. It does not return short hair at the top of the hair weft as well. Both single layer and double layers are available and useful. Depending on how much hair you need, you can choose a suitable item. 

When being applied, the hair weft appears flat to your head. It blends well with natural locks, providing a realistic appearance. As silk flat weft extensions are thinner, it is also hard to detect. Another key benefit is that hairstylists can cut the weft to fit. Besides, the fold has been eliminated and the hair reduces itching.


China full cuticle human hair extensions factory wholesale cuticle intact remy super flat track weft extensions .


Our cuticle intact remy flat weft can last 1-2 years ,no shedding,tangle free .We use advantage technology that keep cuticle on hair ,so our hair can continue absorb nutrients through conditioner and shampoo ,so our flat weft like your own hair ,so have long time hairlife.


Exquisite craftsmanship just 1mm thickness. give silk and fine track looking.Super thin with strong silk holding but no shedding.


Track flat hair weft does not have short hair on the weft ,it is biggest point vs machine hair weft .it is securely placed in the hair using glue,sewing install.

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Name: Katelyn        time:2020-04-01 11:23:02
Im loving the seamless wefts! I love the thin base with the convenience of it being machine tied, and quick shipping with luxe Remi!

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