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Nano ring hair extensions

Nano ring hair extensions ,sometimes jsust referred to as nano rings are a recent development in hair extension application techniques.but boy , did they take off quickly ! the method has been developed in a quest to find the most underectable methods of hair extensions installation. nano rings (like micro rings)are made from copper.The essential difference is that nano rings are 90% smaller than regular extensions application rings.typically they are around the size of a ballpoint pen nib .

The hair extension stands that are attached using nano ring are known as nano tip hair .This hair has a strong keratin tip which secures a fine metal loop which is squeezed closed to form a stong tip that is inserted into the ring before being damped with pliers .An alternative tip material is a plastic tip .Alove hair extensions have offered both tip material in our ranges .However,the material tip design  has proved more popular as they make re-application of the hair extension strand much easier during maintenance appointments than re threading a plastic tip into the new nano ring .

In order to make this form of installation less visble,the hair is fitted behind a strand of the clients own hair before clamping to secure .No heat or glue is used in application.Equipment needed is :nano tip exetebsions hair ,nano rings ,a smaller nano ring pulling loop tool and a smaller set of application pilers.Our point tipped hair extensions pliers make it easier to precision damp the tiny nano ring .

Care must be taken with nano ring extensions not to apply hear or oil to the keratin bond securing the nano tip as this can deteriorate ror even melt .Both installation and removal-as wtih all other hair extensions techiques -should be performed by a trained professional .

After a period of approximately 6 to 8 weeks ,the rings should be removed and the extensions moved up to avoid detection or stress to the supporting strand of cleint hair .Nano rings can be either unlined copper,which will clamp flattest or can be silicone lined copper nano ring to avoid slipping and avoid damage to client hair .

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