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High quality nano tip hair extensions suppliers

High quality nano tip hair extensions suppliers
High quality nano tip hair extensions suppliers
High quality nano tip hair extensions suppliers
High quality nano tip hair extensions suppliers
High quality nano tip hair extensions suppliers
Full Cuticle Hair Can Last 1-2 Years,No shedding,Tangle Free.
Ombre color ,Piano Color,Mix Color ,Balayage color and so on .
10-26 Inch ,Large Stock For 18 20 22 Inch
100 Grams,113 Grams ,120 Grams and so on
If our hair occur the quality problem ,accpet the refund or replace new one .
Alove hair as the professional nano tip hair extensions suppliers in China wholesale high quality different color nano ring hair extensions for high end market .Our silicone free cuticle intect nano tip extensions can last 1-2 years,no shedding,tangle free .We collect hair material from one single donor ,no mix .So our nano tip hair extensions are 100% unprocessed human hair extensions .great length nano tip hair extensions are best choice for thin and short hair women .

High quality nano tip hair extensions suppliers

Alove hair supply nano ring hair extensions are made of 100% natural remy human hair so you can wash, straighten, blow-dry and curl the hair extensions just as if they were your natural hair!

Nano ring hair extensions are one of the latest inventions in the field of hair extensions that consists of a very gentle thread technique that is virtually undetectable. It is a simple and affordable thread technique that is virtually undetectable and easy to apply.The secret is in the extension strands, which are self-attaching at the pull of a string . Due to the small starting point of each hair strand. as well as the gentle thread connection method, microchet is also the least harmful hair extensions method, better than many other no-heat strand-by strand methods .

The process is quick and easy with no pulling or stress and no damage to your own hair. Using only the finest human hair, Microchet produces  smooth, naturally flowing results within moments.   It is very comfortable and light that you can hardly feel it yourself.  The attachment is so small that it can be applied on very thin hair and on areas of the head (temples, mid scalp, fore head) where most other systems cannot.  The removal is just as quick and easy. Most non glue/heat based systems use metal cylinders (copper and aluminum) to attach hair to your own. Microchet uses hair that comes with its ends in the shape of hooks. These hooks are attached to your hair using a threading technique. 

The advantage is your hair feels light with no glues or metals. After two to three months the extension will become looser because your hair grows. The extension hair can be removed by simply cutting the thread. There is a no heat or harsh chemicals involved in this new technique.  There is no pulling or stress to your own hair.  It is one of the most gentle technique available today.


Alove hair factory supply Pre bonded Nano tips are made using the finest 100% silicone free cuticle intact human hair. Each strand contains 1 gram of luxury human hair double drawn to the ends to offer thickness from root to tip. 


Our silicone free cuticle intact nano tip hair extension can last 1-2 years ,no shedding,tangle free .


Our nano tip hair extensions are 1g/strand ,100 strands per pack ,one pack is 100 grams .


We supply high quality nano tip hair extensions for high end market ,like hair salon and hair stylist .We supply different color nano tip hair extensions like ombre color ,mix color,piano color,balayage color and so on .

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Name: Andrea        time:2022-01-27 12:58:56
Well received my hair extensions. The price is moderate, the delivery is fast, and the quality is good.

Name: Jenny        time:2020-10-22 17:35:46
High quality nano ring hair extensions !Amazing quality will order more and more for our clients.

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