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Thin knot blonde color hand tied weft extensions for extension training

Thin knot blonde color hand tied weft extensions for extension training
Thin knot blonde color hand tied weft extensions for extension training
Thin knot blonde color hand tied weft extensions for extension training
Thin knot blonde color hand tied weft extensions for extension training
Thin knot blonde color hand tied weft extensions for extension training
Ombre color ,Piano Color,Mix Color ,Balayage color and so on .
10-26 Inch ,Large Stock For 18 20 22 Inch
100 Grams,113 Grams ,120 Grams and so on
If our hair occur the quality problem ,accpet the refund or replace new one .
Full Cuticle Hair Can Last 1-2 Years,No shedding,Tangle Free.
Hand tied weft hair extensions are tufts of hair sewn or tied together meticulously by hand, using a strong piece of weaving thread, exquisite handcrafted makes it belongs to the luxy hair extensions. Alove hair wholesale high quality cuticle intact remy hand tied extensions for USA handtied educator.Our cuticle intact hand tied wefts last 1-2 years,no shedding,tangle free.Due to high quality,we will be your reliable hand tied extensions supplier.

Are you looking to elevate your extension skills or train new stylists in the art of hair extensions? Look no further than ALOVE Hair Extensions' thin knot blonde color hand tied weft extensions. These meticulously crafted extensions are the perfect choice for extension training, offering unparalleled quality, versatility, and ease of use. Let's explore why ALOVE's hand tied weft extensions are the ultimate solution for extension training.

Thin knot blonde color hand tied weft extensions for extension training

Hand-tied wefts will not cause lumps at the crown or stick out from the regrowth of one’s natural hair. Each 10-12 inch weft is designed to be folded over itself at the ends instead of trimmed. Trimming the weft will cause the weft to unravel or shed.

ALOVE HAIR Hand-Tied wefts can be heat styled and is ultra lightweight - allowing for multiple wefts to be layered for multi-dimension color blending without damage to one’s natural hair. The weft is durable, long-lasting, and less visible on the scalp. Revered for only selling strands that are true-to-length, from root to tip - Hand-Tied Hair is immediately identifiable by feel and appearance.

These hand-tied wefts are composed of micro-fine, flat wefts that lay discreetly against the scalp. Thinner and lighter than machine-tied hair, hand-tied wefts are the most undetectable and comfortable extensions available. The hair lays flatter against the scalp and can be re-used. Each weft is handcrafted using only the healthiest hair and offers the largest spectrum of natural human hair colors, lengths and textures in the industry.

Hand-Tied wefts can be installed using a variety of application methods including micro-rings and sew-ins. Because Hand-tied wefts are ultra thin, they can be stacked and layered in one row and lay close to the scalp. It is crucial to know that Hand-Tied wefts should never be cut during installations as they will unravel.


ALOVE HAIR as the professional hand tied weft extensions manufacturer supply hand tied wefts for extension training. ALOVE's hand tied weft extensions are crafted with the highest quality Remy human hair, ensuring a natural look, seamless blend, and long-lasting wear. Each weft is meticulously hand-tied to ensure consistent thickness and density, providing a flawless result every time. With ALOVE's hand tied weft extensions, you can trust that you are working with the finest quality extensions available.


Our cuticle intact hand tied weft extensions can last more than 1 year,no shedding,tangle free. Can help you build your own brand hair extensions business line .


Our hand tied wefts are 8 wefts,each weft is 12 inch ,also accept the customized .

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Thin knot hand tied weft extensions are best choice for thin and short hair women . The thin knot design of ALOVE's hand tied weft extensions makes them perfect for extension training. The thin knots are easy to work with, allowing trainees to practice various attachment methods and techniques with ease. Whether you're learning to sew in or tape in extensions, ALOVE's hand tied weft extensions provide the perfect canvas for honing your skills. Blonde hair is a popular choice for extension clients, making ALOVE's blonde color hand tied weft extensions an ideal option for training purposes. Trainees can practice color matching, blending, and styling techniques on these versatile extensions, preparing them for a wide range of client requests and preferences.

Ideal for Extension Training Programs

Whether you're a seasoned stylist looking to expand your skillset or a salon owner training new staff members, ALOVE's hand tied weft extensions are the perfect choice for extension training programs. These extensions provide trainees with a hands-on learning experience, allowing them to gain confidence and proficiency in extension application and styling techniques.

Exceptional Support and Guidance

At ALOVE Hair Extensions, we are committed to providing exceptional support and guidance to our customers. Our team of extension experts is available to answer any questions, provide tips and advice, and offer personalized assistance to ensure a successful training experience. We are dedicated to helping you and your team achieve excellence in extension services.

ALOVE - Your Trusted Hair Partner for Extension Training

ALOVE specializes in the production of thin knot blonde color hand-tied weft extensions for extension training, leveraging years of manufacturing expertise. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that each extension meets the highest standards of beauty and durability. With extensive experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering superior products that enhance the natural look and feel of hair. Trust ALOVE for exceptional hand-tied weft extensions that are crafted with precision and care. Experience the difference with ALOVE Hair Extensions' thin knot blonde color hand tied weft extensions. With superior quality, easy application, versatile styling options, and exceptional support, ALOVE's extensions are the perfect choice for extension training programs. Elevate your skills, empower your team, and delight your clients with flawless hair extensions from ALOVE.


1. What are thin knot blonde color hand-tied weft extensions?

Thin knot blonde color hand-tied weft extensions are high-quality hair extensions where each weft is meticulously tied by hand to create a seamless, natural look. The thin knots make the extensions less bulky, ensuring they lay flat against the scalp for a more comfortable and discreet fit.

2. What are the benefits of using hand-tied weft extensions for training?

Hand-tied weft extensions are ideal for training purposes because they:

Provide a realistic experience for applying extensions.

Allow trainees to practice delicate techniques due to their thin and lightweight nature.

Help in mastering the skill of creating natural-looking extensions with minimal visibility.

3. How do I care for hand-tied weft extensions?

To maintain the quality and longevity of your hand-tied weft extensions:

Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Avoid excessive heat styling and always use a heat protectant.

Gently brush the extensions with a wide-tooth comb or a brush designed for extensions.

Store them properly when not in use to avoid tangling.

4. Can these extensions be colored or styled?

Yes, our thin knot blonde color hand-tied weft extensions can be colored and styled. However, we recommend consulting a professional stylist to achieve the best results and to avoid damaging the extensions.

5. How long do hand-tied weft extensions last?

With proper care, hand-tied weft extensions can last 6-12 months. The lifespan can vary depending on how well they are maintained and the frequency of use.

6. What tools are needed for applying hand-tied weft extensions?

For training purposes, you will need:

A professional extension application kit.

Weaving thread and needle.

Sectioning clips and a comb.

A pair of sharp scissors.

7. Are there any specific techniques for applying these extensions?

Yes, the application of hand-tied weft extensions typically involves techniques such as:

Beaded weft application.

Sew-in method.

Tape-in integration for added security.

Training will cover these techniques to ensure a secure and natural-looking application.

8. What makes ALOVE's hand-tied weft extensions unique?

ALOVE’s hand-tied weft extensions are crafted with precision and care, ensuring:

Superior quality and durability.

Natural-looking and comfortable wear.

Consistent color and texture, perfect for seamless blending with natural hair.

9. Who can use these extensions?

Our extensions are suitable for professional stylists and trainees looking to enhance their skills in hair extension application. They are also ideal for clients seeking a natural, voluminous look.

10. How can I order or get more information about the extensions?

For more information or to place an order, please contact our customer service team. We are here to provide detailed product information and assist with your purchasing needs.

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