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High quality cuticle intact tape in hair extensions

High quality cuticle intact tape in hair extensions
High quality cuticle intact tape in hair extensions
High quality cuticle intact tape in hair extensions
High quality cuticle intact tape in hair extensions
High quality cuticle intact tape in hair extensions
Ombre color ,Piano Color,Mix Color ,Balayage color and so on .
10-26 Inch ,Large Stock For 18 20 22 Inch
100 Grams,113 Grams ,120 Grams and so on
If our hair occur the quality problem ,accpet the refund or replace new one .
Full Cuticle Hair Can Last 1-2 Years,No shedding,Tangle Free.
The tape in extensions are an invisible and light weight, flat attachment method. With the tape extensions, even if someone were to touch your head they wouldn’t even realise you had extensions in as you there are no bumps or lumps. They are reportedly very undetectable and comfortable to wear when applied correctly by extension professionals such as ALOVE Hair Extensions.We are tape in hair extensions supplier in China ,we can help hair salon and hair stylists build their own brand hair extensions business line .

High quality cuticle intact tape in hair extensions

When it comes to achieving stunning and natural-looking hair transformations, ALOVE HAIR's Tape-In method stands out as a revolutionary choice. These high-quality tape-in hair extensions are meticulously designed to provide you with the ultimate beauty and convenience. Let's dive into the details of what makes ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions exceptional.


Cuticle-Intact Perfection

ALOVE HAIR takes pride in using 100% cuticle-intact, silicone-free Remy human hair for their tape-in extensions. This meticulous choice ensures that the extensions not only add length and volume but also retain the natural shine and texture of your hair. With cuticle-intact extensions, you can achieve a truly flawless and seamless look that's virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair.

The pursuit of cuticle-intact perfection is at the core of ALOVE HAIR's commitment to providing the highest quality tape-in extensions. Here's a detailed exploration of why cuticle-intact extensions are a hallmark of excellence and what sets them apart:

Preserving the Hair Cuticle

The hair cuticle is the outermost layer of each hair strand, resembling the shingled surface of a roof. Its primary function is to protect the inner layers of the hair and help maintain its strength and integrity. When the cuticles lie flat and are aligned in the same direction, the hair looks smooth, shiny, and healthy.

Why Cuticles Matter

The preservation of the hair cuticle is paramount when creating top-tier hair extensions. Here's why it matters:


Maintaining Natural Texture: Cuticle-intact extensions retain the natural texture of human hair. This means they seamlessly blend with your own hair, whether it's straight, wavy, or curly. Achieving a cohesive and realistic look becomes effortless.


Preserving Shine: The cuticle layer reflects light, giving hair its natural shine. When the cuticles are intact, extensions exhibit the same lustrous quality as your natural hair. This ensures that your hair extensions look glossy and vibrant.


Reducing Tangling and Matting: Cuticle-intact hair is less prone to tangling and matting because the aligned cuticles allow the hair strands to move smoothly against each other. This minimizes the hassle of dealing with knots and tangles.


Longevity: Cuticle-intact extensions tend to have a longer lifespan because the preserved cuticles protect the inner structure of the hair. This durability is essential for extensions that need to withstand daily styling and wear.

Silicone-Free Excellence

ALOVE HAIR's commitment to quality goes beyond cuticle preservation. Their choice to use silicone-free Remy human hair is another testament to their dedication. While silicone-coated extensions may appear shiny initially, they often lose their luster over time. Silicone-free extensions maintain their genuine texture and shine for the duration of their lifespan.


A Truly Seamless Look

The result of ALOVE HAIR's meticulous approach to cuticle-intact extensions is a truly seamless appearance. When you wear these extensions, they become virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair. This seamless blend is the key to achieving a flawless, natural look that turns heads and boosts your confidence.


ALOVE HAIR's unwavering commitment to using 100% cuticle-intact, silicone-free Remy human hair in their tape-in extensions is what sets them apart. By preserving the hair cuticle, they ensure that their extensions maintain the natural texture, shine, and longevity that discerning customers demand. Choosing cuticle-intact extensions is choosing perfection, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of hair extensions that look and feel just like your own hair.


Sought-After Extension Method

The Tape-In method offered by ALOVE HAIR is highly sought after in the market, and for good reason. It's known for its ease of use, quick installation, and impressive results. Stylists and individuals alike have embraced this method as their go-to choice for hair transformations. The fact that it requires no special tools for installation makes it incredibly efficient and accessible.

The Tape-In method provided by ALOVE HAIR has earned its reputation as a sought-after extension method in the hair industry. Let's delve into the details of why this method is highly regarded and why both stylists and individuals favor it for hair transformations:


Effortless Installation: The Tape-In method is celebrated for its simplicity and ease of use. Here's why it's a preferred choice:


Quick and Efficient: The installation process for Tape-In extensions is remarkably fast. It doesn't require intricate techniques or time-consuming steps. As a result, it's a time-efficient method that allows stylists to serve more clients in less time. For individuals, it means less time spent in the salon chair.


No Special Tools: A notable advantage of the Tape-In method is that it doesn't necessitate the use of any special tools or equipment. Stylists can start using this method without the need for extensive training or additional investments. The absence of specialized tools also makes it accessible to individuals who may want to apply the extensions themselves.


User-Friendly: The simplicity of the Tape-In method makes it user-friendly for both professionals and those new to extensions. Stylists can quickly become proficient in this technique, ensuring consistent and impressive results for their clients. Individuals can also feel confident using Tape-In extensions at home.


Impressive Results: Beyond its ease of use, the Tape-In method consistently delivers remarkable results:


Seamless Blend: Tape-In extensions are known for their ability to blend seamlessly with natural hair. The extensions lie flat against the scalp, making them virtually undetectable. This creates a natural and cohesive appearance, whether you're adding volume, length, or highlights.


Versatility: Stylists appreciate the versatility of the Tape-In method. It allows them to create various styles and looks effortlessly, from subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations. This adaptability ensures that clients can achieve their desired aesthetic.

Accessibility for All

The accessibility of the Tape-In method is a significant draw:


Professional Use: Stylists and salons have embraced Tape-In extensions as a go-to choice for their clients' hair needs. Its efficiency and impressive results make it a reliable option for professionals looking to provide top-tier extensions.


Individual Use: ALOVE HAIR recognizes that not everyone may want to visit a salon for extension installation. Therefore, they've made the Tape-In method accessible to individuals who prefer the convenience of applying extensions at home. This inclusive approach allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of Tape-In extensions.


Tape-In method offered by ALOVE HAIR has earned its sought-after status due to its simplicity, quick installation, and outstanding results. Its accessibility, whether for professionals or individuals, makes it a versatile and popular choice for achieving beautiful hair transformations with ease. Whether you're seeking a salon experience or a DIY solution, the Tape-In method delivers impressive, natural-looking results that meet your unique style preferences.


Versatile Lengths and Colors

ALOVE HAIR understands that every individual has unique hair needs and style preferences. That's why they offer a wide variety of lengths and colors to choose from. Whether you're looking to add subtle highlights or dramatic length, their range of options ensures that you can customize your extensions to match your style and personality perfectly.

ALOVE HAIR's commitment to offering versatile lengths and colors in their tape-in extensions showcases their dedication to meeting the diverse needs and style preferences of their customers. Here's a detailed look at the range of options they provide:

Length Variety

Subtle Enhancements: For those seeking a more subtle change or simply wanting to add a touch of volume, ALOVE HAIR offers shorter length options. These extensions provide a natural and understated look that can enhance your existing hairstyle without dramatic changes.


Medium Lengths: Medium-length extensions are ideal for individuals looking to achieve a balanced and versatile appearance. They offer the flexibility to style your hair in various ways while adding noticeable length and volume.


Dramatic Length: If you desire dramatic length and a more transformative effect, ALOVE HAIR provides longer extensions that can dramatically change your overall look. These extensions are perfect for achieving that wow factor and making a bold statement.

Color Variety

Natural Shades: ALOVE HAIR offers a range of natural hair colors, including various shades of brown, black, and blonde. These options are perfect for individuals who want extensions that seamlessly blend with their own hair for a subtle and natural look.


Highlights and Lowlights: To add depth and dimension to your hair, ALOVE HAIR provides extensions with highlights and lowlights. These options mimic the natural play of light and shadow in your hair, creating a more textured and dynamic appearance.


Fashion Colors: For those who love to experiment with their hair, ALOVE HAIR may even offer fashion colors. These can include vibrant and unconventional shades like pastels, neons, or vivid jewel tones. Choosing fashion colors allows you to express your creativity and personality boldly.


Personalized Style

The availability of a wide variety of lengths and colors means that you can truly personalize your hair extensions to match your unique style and personality. Whether you prefer a subtle, natural look or want to make a bold fashion statement, ALOVE HAIR ensures that you have the options to create the hairstyle you desire.


ALOVE HAIR's extensive selection of lengths and colors in their tape-in extensions empowers customers to achieve their desired look. Whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, their range of options ensures that you can customize your extensions to complement your individual style, personality, and aesthetic preferences perfectly.


Crafted with Expertise

Quality is at the heart of ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions. Each set is hand-crafted by experts who take great care to create extensions that not only look amazing but also perform exceptionally well. These extensions are double-stitched at the weft, ensuring minimal shedding and a secure fit for the client.


Professional Manufacturer: ALOVE HAIR is a trusted and professional tape-in hair extensions manufacturer based in China. They supply high-quality tape-in extensions to hair stylists and salons worldwide. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every product they create.


At ALOVE HAIR, a strong emphasis on quality and expertise is the driving force behind their exceptional tape-in hair extensions. Here's an in-depth look at how their extensions are meticulously crafted with the utmost care and professionalism:


Skilled Craftsmanship

ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions are the result of meticulous craftsmanship. Highly skilled experts take great care in creating each set of extensions. These professionals are well-versed in the art of hair extension production, ensuring that every strand of hair is handled with precision and care.


Attention to Detail

The attention to detail is a hallmark of ALOVE HAIR's approach to crafting extensions. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully executed to ensure that the extensions not only look amazing but also perform exceptionally well. From selecting the highest quality hair to the final packaging, no detail is overlooked.


Double-Stitched Weft

One of the key features that sets ALOVE HAIR's extensions apart is the double-stitched weft. The weft is the part of the extension that holds the hair together and attaches to the tape. By double-stitching the weft, ALOVE HAIR ensures extra strength and durability. This technique minimizes shedding, providing clients with extensions that maintain their fullness and longevity.


Trusted Professional Manufacturer

ALOVE HAIR is a reputable and trusted tape-in hair extensions manufacturer based in China. Their extensive experience in the industry has earned them a solid reputation for delivering high-quality products. Professionals in the hair industry rely on ALOVE HAIR for top-tier extensions that meet the rigorous demands of their clients.


Global Reach

ALOVE HAIR's commitment to excellence extends beyond borders. They supply their high-quality tape-in extensions to hair stylists and salons worldwide. Their global reach ensures that professionals everywhere have access to their exceptional products, allowing them to provide the best possible hair extension services to their clients.


ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions are a result of skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence. Their extensions are crafted with expertise, featuring a double-stitched weft that minimizes shedding and ensures durability. As a professional manufacturer with a global presence, ALOVE HAIR's dedication to quality is evident in every product they create, making them a trusted choice for hair professionals and clients seeking exceptional tape-in extensions.

Durable and Long-Lasting

One of the standout features of ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions is their impressive durability. These cuticle-intact extensions can maintain their quality and appearance for an astonishing 1-2 years. With minimal shedding and no tangling, you can trust that your investment in these extensions will provide long-lasting beauty.

A standout feature of ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions is their exceptional durability and long-lasting quality. Here's a detailed explanation of why these extensions are renowned for their longevity and why they represent a wise investment in your hair's beauty:


Cuticle-Intact Quality

ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions are crafted with the utmost care to preserve the natural cuticle layer of the hair. This meticulous preservation is crucial in maintaining the hair's strength, texture, and overall quality over time.


Impressive Lifespan

Thanks to the preservation of the hair cuticle and the use of 100% Remy human hair, ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions have an impressive lifespan. When properly cared for, these extensions can maintain their quality and appearance for an extended period, typically ranging from 1 to 2 years.


Minimal Shedding

One of the key indicators of high-quality extensions is minimal shedding. ALOVE HAIR's extensions are designed to minimize shedding, ensuring that your extensions remain full and voluminous throughout their lifespan. This feature is particularly important for clients who want to enjoy long-lasting beauty without the hassle of frequent maintenance.


No Tangling

Tangling is a common issue with lower-quality extensions, but ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions are engineered to be tangle-free. The alignment of cuticles and the use of Remy human hair contribute to preventing tangling, allowing you to wear your extensions comfortably without constant detangling.


Quality Assurance

ALOVE HAIR's commitment to quality assurance is evident in the durability of their tape-in extensions. Each set of extensions undergoes stringent quality control checks to ensure that they meet the brand's high standards. This dedication to excellence guarantees that you receive extensions that are built to last.


Long-Lasting Beauty

Choosing ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions means investing in long-lasting beauty. You can confidently enjoy the benefits of beautiful, natural-looking hair for an extended period, making these extensions a wise choice for individuals who want to maintain their desired look without frequent replacements.


ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions are celebrated for their impressive durability, minimal shedding, and tangle-free nature. With proper care, these cuticle-intact extensions can maintain their quality and appearance for an astonishing 1 to 2 years, providing you with long-lasting beauty and making them an excellent investment in the enhancement of your hair's beauty.

Variety of Options

ALOVE HAIR offers 2.5g/pc tape-in extensions, with 40 pieces per pack. They also provide mini tape-in extensions and other customization options to meet your specific needs.


ALOVE HAIR understands that customers have diverse preferences and requirements when it comes to tape-in extensions. To cater to this variety of needs, they offer a range of options and customization features. Here's a detailed look at the variety of options available:

2.5g/pc Tape-In Extensions

ALOVE HAIR's standard tape-in extensions come in 2.5 grams per piece. This weight is a popular choice among many customers as it strikes a balance between volume and comfort. The extensions are designed to provide a natural and seamless look, whether you're adding length, volume, or highlights to your hair.

40 Pieces per Pack

Each pack of ALOVE HAIR's tape-in extensions contains 40 pieces. This generous quantity allows you to have ample extensions for your desired hair transformation. It ensures that you have enough pieces to create the style and volume you want, making it convenient for both professionals and individuals.

Mini Tape-In Extensions

In addition to their standard tape-in extensions, ALOVE HAIR offers mini tape-in extensions. These extensions are designed for those who prefer a more discreet and subtle enhancement. Mini extensions are lighter and thinner than standard ones, making them ideal for individuals looking for a less dramatic change or those with fine or thin hair.

Customization Options

ALOVE HAIR recognizes that personalization is key when it comes to hair extensions. They offer customization options to meet specific needs. Whether you have unique color preferences, require a different quantity, or have other specific requirements, ALOVE HAIR is willing to work with you to create extensions that match your vision.

Tailored Solutions

The availability of various options and customization features means that you can tailor your tape-in extensions to your specific style goals. Whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement, a bold transformation, or something in between, ALOVE HAIR ensures that you have the flexibility to create the look you desire.


ALOVE HAIR offers a versatile range of options to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their customers. From standard 2.5g/pc tape-in extensions with 40 pieces per pack to mini extensions and customization options, they provide flexibility and personalization to help you achieve your ideal hair transformation. Whether you seek a natural look or a dramatic change, ALOVE HAIR has the options to cater to your specific requirements.


In conclusion, ALOVE HAIR's high-quality cuticle-intact tape-in hair extensions offer a perfect blend of beauty, convenience, and durability. Whether you're a stylist looking to provide top-notch extensions or an individual seeking a stunning hair transformation, these extensions are your ticket to achieving the hair of your dreams. Trust in ALOVE HAIR's expertise and commitment to quality for a truly remarkable experience.


1. What are cuticle-intact tape-in hair extensions?

Cuticle-intact tape-in hair extensions are hair extensions made from 100% Remy human hair where the natural cuticle layer of each hair strand is preserved. This preservation ensures the extensions maintain their quality, shine, and texture.


2. What is the advantage of cuticle-intact extensions?

Cuticle-intact extensions offer a more natural appearance as they blend seamlessly with your own hair. They also tend to be more durable, less prone to tangling, and have a longer lifespan compared to non-cuticle-intact extensions.


3. How long do cuticle-intact tape-in hair extensions last?

When properly cared for, cuticle-intact tape-in extensions can last an impressive 1-2 years. Their longevity makes them a cost-effective option for long-term hair enhancements.


4. Do cuticle-intact extensions tangle easily?

No, cuticle-intact extensions are less prone to tangling compared to extensions without preserved cuticles. The alignment of the cuticles allows the hair strands to move smoothly against each other, reducing the risk of tangling.


5. How are cuticle-intact tape-in hair extensions installed?

Cuticle-intact tape-in extensions are typically applied by a professional stylist. The extensions come with a special adhesive tape that is used to attach them to your natural hair. The process is quick and does not require any special tools.


6. Can I wash and style cuticle-intact extensions like my natural hair?

Yes, you can treat cuticle-intact tape-in extensions like your own hair. You can wash, style, and use heat tools on them. However, it's essential to use quality hair care products and follow care instructions to maintain their longevity and appearance.


7. Are there different lengths and colors available in cuticle-intact tape-in extensions?

Yes, cuticle-intact tape-in extensions come in various lengths and colors to cater to different style preferences. You can choose from shorter lengths for subtle enhancements or longer lengths for dramatic transformations. A wide range of colors, including natural shades and fashion colors, are also available.


8. Can I remove and reapply cuticle-intact tape-in extensions?

While it's possible to remove and reapply tape-in extensions, it's typically done by a professional to ensure proper placement and minimal damage to your natural hair. Extensions can be repositioned as your hair grows, extending their usability.


9. Do cuticle-intact tape-in extensions require special maintenance?

While they don't require overly complicated maintenance, it's essential to follow care instructions provided by the manufacturer. This includes using sulfate-free hair products, avoiding excessive heat, and regular brushing to prevent tangling.


10. Where can I purchase high-quality cuticle-intact tape-in hair extensions?

High-quality cuticle-intact tape-in extensions are available from reputable hair extension suppliers and salons. ALOVE HAIR is a professional manufacturer known for providing top-tier cuticle-intact extensions to hair salons and stylists worldwide.


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