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Why choose us as your hand tied extensions vendor ?

Alove Hair
Why choose us as your hand tied extensions vendor ?
ALOVE HAIR as the professional hair extensions factory in China supply cuticle aligned remy hand tied extensions for hair salon and hair stylists ,hand tied educator .Our cuticle intact remy hand tied extensions last 1-2 years,no shedding,tangle free .We are hair extensions factory,so our price is competitive and only best hand tied extensions .That is why choose us as your reliable hand tied extensions vendor.

Hand-tied weft hair extensions


When it comes to hair extensions, the array of options is almost dizzying. Many options exist, and they’re advertised with terms that may be wholly unfamiliar to you. How do you determine which type of extensions are best for you and for your budget?

Educating yourself is the first step, and hand-tied hair extensions is a great place to start. They’re among the most natural-looking options, and they offer an application method that provides a virtually unmatched level of security.

Arm yourself with the information you need to find the best hand-tied hair extensions.

What are hand-tied hair extensions?

There’s a great deal of conflicting information out there about what, exactly, constitutes hand-tied extensions. The term “hand-tied” refers to the technique of installing hair extensions, rather than to a specific type of extension. It refers to the process of attaching a weft of hair extensions to your natural hair.

Hand-tied hair extensions are typically affixed to your own hair using beads. The stylist begins by placing silicone beads on your natural hair. From there, the stylist applies the hand-tied wefts to the beaded foundation via sewing. This final step secures the wefts to your own hair.

One of the most compelling benefits of hand-tied hair extensions is the firm hold they provide. You can wash, condition, brush and style the hair without worrying that you’ll pull out any of the wefts.

What are cuticle-aligned hand-tied hair extensions?

When you see hand-tied hair extensions advertised with the label “cuticle-aligned,” it means that all of the hair cuticles run in the same direction. This effect is achieved by keeping the cuticles intact and ensuring they all run in a single direction from the root to the tip.

Cuticle-aligned hair is sourced by tying or banding the donor’s hair into a ponytail prior to cutting it. This key step aids in keeping the cuticles running in the same direction during the process of wefting and shackling the hair into extensions.

Cuticle-aligned hair extensions are naturally glossy, smooth, silky and resistant to tangling. Extensions constructed from strands of hair with cuticles running in the other direction, on the other hand, are typically dull, rough and tangle easily.

What are Remy hand-tied hair extensions?

You’ve likely read the term “Remy hair” many times if you’ve conducted research on hand-tied hair extensions. Put simply, Remy hair is sourced with the cuticle layer intact, through the process outlined above. It’s high-quality hair that’s healthy, shiny and silky.

Non-Remy hair has cuticles that aren’t aligned and are sourced by collecting it from the floors of salons. The bundles of extensions with non-Remy hair often contain strands of hair from multiple donors. Sometimes there are even different lengths within one bundle.

So you can choose us as your reliable hand tied extensions vendor !!!!

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