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Hair extension usa

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Hair extension usa
The United States ----- As the largest consumer market for hair extension products, the data of hair products exported to the United States in 2018 was 5 billion US dollars, accounting for 30%-35% of the global hair extension market. The hair products consumed are medium-to-high-end human hair, Chemical fiber products. Among them, it mainly depends on the contribution of African-American consumer groups!

Wearing hair extension products in the United States has evolved into a fashion-leading behavior. More and more female fashion consumers and practical demanders wear hair products. "Human hair extensions" have attracted the attention of more high-end consumers. ,  The global wig market share is expected to reach $3.7 billion by 2029.

How did the United States form the largest hair extension consumer market for wigs in the world?

1.Americans have a strong pursuit of beauty, and they like beauty full of personality. They all hope to have a beautiful, unique and daily refurbished hairstyle, hair can not always meet the demand, and different types and styles of hair extensions can perfectly meet this demand. In addition, Americans have more social activities and parties, and everyone will dress up to attend. According to different party themes, you can choose a variety of exaggerated, smooth, or curly hair extensions, which become an indispensable decoration.

2.The United States is home to people of all colors in the world. Caucasian and African-American hair are facing serious hair loss problems. Their hair cross-section is oval, and their diet is mostly high in calories and fat. The main food is too much fat in the body, which can easily cause excessive body oil, resulting in blockage of hair follicles and hair loss. There used to be a saying like this: "It is said that half of the hair in Hollywood is fake". Hair extensions have become a weapon to save their appearance, even Hollywood stars are using them, and ordinary people who are troubled by hair loss are flocking to them.

3.African-Americans have naturally thin, curly, unmanageable hair, which is the closest to their natural hair style. But in American society and culture, it is considered inappropriate to appear in front of others with such curly hair. Therefore, when African American women appear in social situations, they wear wigs. If they want different hairstyles, they need to wear hair extension of different styles. In the United States, if you have straight or curly hair, the more beautiful it means The stronger your economic strength is.

How foreign trade sellers do a good job of  hair extension market usa?

If foreign trade sellers want to do a good job in the American hair extension market, they must pay attention to the analysis of the American hair market and produce wigs according to the needs and characteristics of users.

In the past few decades, in the hair products market in the United States, Koreans mainly controlled the sales channels, and Chinese companies made OEM or OEM to earn very little profit. Now with the development of the cross-border business, American wig consumers can directly buy cheap hair products from Chinese wig companies through the Internet.

Each product will have different user groups for the market, which are mainly divided into: high-end market, mid-to-high-end market and low-end market. Different user groups also have great differences in the brand and quality requirements of hair extension products

 So where is the difference?

1. The high-end market demand in the United States accounts for 20% of the entire market demand in the United States, and has a great influence. White people are particularly strict with hair extensions. The requirements for wearing are particularly strict, and the production must be very fine. At present, long and large waves are still popular in the US market. Among black hair products, there are more demands for large waves, small haircuts, and medium curly hairstyles.

2. The high-end clockwork market has stricter requirements for the Remy series. Generally, American whites, blacks and wealthy Jewish groups have a greater demand for Remy. Among them, the Jews are very taboo about Chinese hair, and generally use pure Indian hair. When making these high-end products, you should ask the customers who are serving abroad. In this way, customers can be better served in material selection and production.

3. The mid-to-high-end wig users are the densest in personnel composition. Generally, the ratio of human hair products is between 3rd and 5th grades, and the price is also different. When domestic manufacturers produce such products, the product quotations are also the lowest. It's a headache, because consumers in foreign markets are still more recognized for this piece, so the demand is relatively large. Therefore, foreign trade B2C sellers should size up the situation, consider the cost leadership strategy, and win by volume.

4. The hair products in the low-end market mainly include: wool products, wool and chemical fiber products, hair and human hair products, chemical fiber and human hair products and low-end human hair products. Demand also accounts for about 20% of the market, and the chemical fiber market accounts for 30-40%. Domestic manufacturers need to pay attention to this. Domestic manufacturers must keep up with product development. Secondly, the quality disputes of low-end products are relatively large, and the goods and samples must be consistent, and product consistency must be maintained.

It can be said that in the United States, like clothes, jewelry, and shoes, hair extensions have become a necessity in people's lives. There are also many celebrities who favor wigs, such as the former first lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Lei Hana, Jennifer Lopez and more。

Features of the American hair extension market:

Through Google Trends, we found that the search volume of American consumers using the keyword "Hair extensions" showed obvious fluctuations, reaching a search peak in October every year, which was mainly affected by the year-end carnival.

In terms of wig-related searches on e-commerce platforms, this year’s prime day period was 1.2 times that of last year, increasing from 5.7M to 12.6M searches. In the case of a cumulative overall search decline of 2.6% year-on-year, "head-wearing wigs, real hair" increased by 223% year-on-year, and "black women, human hair wigs" increased by 290% year-on-year. Demand for "hair exentions" has skyrocketed.

According to research data from Research and Markets,the white people in the United States are the main buyers of hair extension consumption, and buyers under the age of 25 mainly use wigs and hair extensions for functional purposes. The age group breakdown of wig buyers found that buyers aged 35-44 accounted for about one-third of the market share; buyers aged 45-54 accounted for 22% of the market share; The market share of buyers in China is 23%.

The future trend of the American hair extension market

The United States has a great market demand for hair extension. Especially affected by the new crown epidemic, consumers are limited by accessibility and convenience. Most of them are actively buying hair extension online. Online sales of wigs and hair extensions account for 63% of the global market share. %. At the same time, the growing popularity of wig-wearing among celebrities, models, and social media influencers has had a knock-on effect among individual consumers due to the convenience and dissemination of social media.

The above is the author's summary of the hair extension in usa market. I hope it will be of reference value to friends who make wigs. We Alove hair is a factory engaged in the production of wigs. There are more than 200 skilled workers, from the collection of hair materials to processing to delivery. Strict quality inspection process ensures that our products meet the needs of American customers.

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