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Cuticle hair is the finest hair in hair extensions in USA

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Cuticle hair is the finest hair in hair extensions in USA
Everyone knows that the United States is the largest importer and consumer of hair extensions in the world. There are a wide variety of hair extensions in the American market, and the quality is also uneven. And the best hair extension products are the hair extensions. This is because cuticle hair is the highest quality of all hair materials.

Cuticle hair is a kind of raw material for human hair products. It refers to the girl's virgin hair that retains the original scales of the hair without any perm, dyeing or treatment. The hair tips and roots of the scale-preserving hair are in the same direction, the hair is not mixed, the ends are not upside down, and the whole bundle is crochet. The hair is durable and soft, not easy to deform, not easy to frizz, and can be styled many times. The gloss, cuticle hair extensions are the best among hair materials.

Why is it said cuticle hair is the best hair extension product?

Differences in Raw Materials - Cuticle Hair VS non-remy Hair, remy Hair

1. Human hair is divided into three categories: non-remy hair, remy hair and braided hair. Cuticle hair is a kind of braided hair. In the international low-end market, there are many people who use non-remy hair and remy hair. Most of the main products are hair wefts and hair clips for black people. African Americans have a particularly large demand for hair wefts.

2. Braiding materials are divided into original braiding materials, mixed braiding materials and braiding files. All three raw materials can be used to make mid-to-high-end braided hair products. We collectively call them braided hair products. The raw braided materials are divided into natural braided hair and oil-baked braided hair according to the degree of dyeing, and natural braided hair is divided into two types according to the degree of nutrition and care. It is the original braid without fork and the original braid with fork. The real cuticle hair is processed with the original braid without forks, and the raw material of the cuticle hair accounts for less than 5% of the raw materials of the wig, which belongs to the highest grade of raw materials in the current hair extension raw materials. Generally, it is used to make braided hair, but in principle, it cannot be used to keep scales.

Therefore, in terms of raw materials, the cuticle hair are the best in the whole hair extension products. These best quality cuticle hair are used to make more high-end hair extension products. The main customer groups are whites and Jews in the United States.

The production process of cuticle hair

In the process of production, the loss of cuticle hair is not very large compared with bleaching and dyeing, even lower than the loss of raw materials of all other human hair, but the overall loss of cuticle hair is relatively large.

1. Knotting is the most taboo thing in human hair production, and the essential reason for knotting is the interlacing of hair scales. Therefore, in the production process of wigs, avoiding the upside-down of hair heads and tails is the most important thing to pay attention to in order to maintain cuticle intact. Peracid treatment is not advisable in the maintenance of cuticle hair. Hair scales are directly related to the service life and body feel of hair. It is the most difficult process to maintain cuticle intact while maintaining all the scales of the hair and keeping the head and tail of the hair from falling down.

2. In the whole production process of Cutile Hair, the screening of raw materials is the first step, and all subsequent processes must be produced on the principle of avoiding messy hair. The original non-braided natural braids are used for feeding. Wash the original braided hair for the first time, remove the messy braided hair, or pull it out manually, and discard the short hair in advance. The washed hair needs to be combed in small pieces. The messy hair that comes out is not usable. The overall loss rate is 5% higher than that of ordinary braids.

After the above several processes, the integrity and original ecology of the cuticle hair extensions are preserved to the greatest extent, and the service life of the hair extensions is extended. Of course, the quality of the wig products processed by it is also the best. Many American brand wig dealers will purchase cuticle intacted hair extensions and sell them to customers.

Because there is still no industry standard in the hair product industry, the industry is mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish the difference without using it. The main market of Alove hair hair products is distributed in the United States and European white hair extension products. In the production of hair products Zhong has always insisted on quality first, constantly challenging and innovating, adopting an advanced production management system, employing masters with decades of experience to purchase the highest quality cuticle hair extensions, and provide our customers with assured hair extension products.

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