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what are nano ring hair extensions, how do they compare to other hair extension methods and what are their pros and cons?


Advantages of nano rings and nano tip hair extensions 

The benefits of nano tip hair extensions and nano ring extensions is that they are so small and undetectable. No hearor chemicals are applied during installation.Using silicone lined ring will help prevent damage to the hair .


Disadvantages of nano rings and nano tip hair extensions 

The disadvantages of nano ring hair extensions are the very fact that less of the client hair can be pulled through the smaller nano ring means that  care must be taken in application to use the thicknest strand possible of clients hair in order tro support 0.8g /1g of extension hair .Obviously,when this hair is wet it becomes heavier still .

Also ,as the human head will naturally shed up tp 100 hairs d day ,before even wearing hair extensions ,maintenance appointments every six weeks are essential .Over this time less of the natural hair is attached to the scalp(in the natural shedding cycle) so essentially less of the clients hair avaiable to support the nano hair extension strand attached to each section.

Another disadvantage of nano rings over micro ring ,is that the nano bond is exposed.When applying micro ring hair extensions,the keration tip id enclosed within the ring.This offers some form of protection against natural scalp oils.shampoos and conditioners that can soften the bond .

With nano ring hair extensions this bond is outside (below) the nano ring ,Therefore it is prone to the effects of products They are also vulnerable to clients mistakenly applying hear to them during the straightening process or when blow drying.